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The New Outlook Pioneers are an independent Pioneer group (no company sponsorship) comprised of the employees and retirees of Lucent Technologies, Avaya Communication, and Agere. We are over 85,000 strong and have members throughout the United States.

We are geographically organized into 8 Chapters. (Please click on the Chapter Map to see our Chapter geography.) Chapters are further subdivided into Councils and Clubs.  Please go to Chapters on the left navigation bar (click on Chapters and a list of Chapters appears) for detailed information about each Chapter and their activities.  For additional information about a Chapter in your area, please contact the Chapter leadership listed under the navigation button titled Chapter Officers.

Last year we contributed over 500,000 hours to projects in our communities.  

New Outlook Pioneers are proud to be a part of TelecomPioneers, a 501c3 organization.  To learn more about TelecomPioneers, please go to their web site by clicking on the Pioneer logo at the bottom of the navigation bar on the left side of the page.

Effective January 1, 2006, the New Outlook Pioneer Group is in a three year open membership trial.

"Membership will be granted to any individual who is willing to support the mission of TelecomPioneers and who will commit to supporting their community, the TelecomPioneers and our projects. Members will pay annual dues and will have full membership privileges, including the right to vote and to hold elective office."

Please see the Membership Application section of this page.

Welcome Charlene Hill


Nonprofit leader to join world’s largest

industry-related volunteer corps

Denver, Colo.–May 7, 2012– Pioneers, the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world, today announced that it is welcoming Charlene Hill as its new Executive Director.

“I am excited to have Charlene join us at this important moment in our history,” said James M. Schmit, CenturyLink Idaho Vice President and Chairman of the Board of the Pioneers. “Her experience and expertise in nonprofit leadership will be critical as we enter our second century of service to North America”

Ms. Hill joins the Pioneers after consulting within the nonprofit sector, with a focus on executive management, organizational strategy and development and information technology.  Prior to her consulting work, Ms. Hill spent 5 years at the Donor Awareness Council, where she helped establish Colorado as number one in the nation with a 65% organ and tissue donor designation rate.  She also served as the Executive Vice President and Interim CEO of the Urban League of Metropolitan Denver.

Originally the Telephone Pioneers of America, Pioneers was founded in 1911.  Over the past Century, the Pioneers has grown to 620,000 current members across the U.S. and Canada, who annually volunteer more than 12 million hours of service to their communities.

“While the telecom industry has evolved and changed over the past 100 years, Pioneers have remained a steadfast thread committed to our core tenets of service, fellowship and loyalty,” said Hill. “I am so proud and excited to have the opportunity to join this amazing organization as it enters its second Century of service.”

Throughout their 100-year history, the Pioneers have helped millions of people in a wide variety of unique ways including:

  • Inventing beeping baseballs so that visually-impaired children can play baseball as well as beeping Easter eggs so visually-impaired children can participate in egg hunts
  • Building special trikes so that children with motor and developmental issues can ride bikes
  • Repairing thousands of Talking Books for the National Library Service so the visually impaired can read
  • Painting maps of the U.S. and Canada across more than 10,000 playgrounds to teach children geography


Founded in 1911 as the Telephone Pioneers of America, Pioneers has grown to be the largest industry-related volunteer organization in the world. A non-profit network of more than 620,000 volunteers, Pioneers is committed to effect immediate, tangible change in local communities in partnership with its sponsors such as AT&T, Bell Aliant, CenturyLink, SaskTel, Verizon Foundation, FairPoint Communications, Frontier and Telcordia, as well as through its non-sponsored New Outlook and Canadian Pioneers groups.Committed to serving communities in the United States, Canada and around the world, Pioneers is headquartered in Denver, Colo. For more information visit www.pioneersvolunteer.orgor call 1-800-976-1914.

board of directors

Board of Directors

Michael Sears, Chairman of the Board

Ann Smalley, Vice Chairman of the Board

James M. Schmit, Past Chairman of the Board

Charlene Hill , Executive Director -

AT&T Pioneers
Cheri Jones
Laura McAdam
Gloria Pazel  
Shirley Sanz 
Mykie Sanders 
Ann Smalley 

Bell Aliant, Canadian & SaskTel Pioneers
Michael Sears
Ken Keesey

CenturyLink Pioneers
Janie Milby
Cheryl Daughtry

New Outlook Pioneers
Dan Katze 
Bob Whiteman

Verizon, FairPoint, Frontier & Telcordia Pioneers
Deb Foley  
Jackie Gunn 
Jayne Mayer 

Dan Katze Elected Vice President

Dan Katze Elected  New Outlook Group Vice President for 2013 Pioneer Year

Dan Katze joined the telecom industry in 1966, beginning with Bell Of Pennsylvania,outside of Philadelphia. He worked in Central Offices until going to Headquarters as a Staff Manager in the EEOC/Personnel department. He and his family moved to Denver, Colorado in 1982, first transferring to AT&T. His 35 year career took him through the spinoffs, first to Lucent Technologies, and then to Avaya, Inc. Dan managed engineering and technician teams, and served as Operations Manager for a technical call center. He retired in 2001.

His Pioneer career began in 1972 as a “Future Pioneer”. Since 1985 he has held
many officer positions at the Council and Chapter levels. He has worked on many committees and his efforts to keep Pioneering up to date have helped steer the organization toward a new definition of Pioneer Partners, eliminating a required number of years service needed to become a member, and the current membership trial studying the possibility of signing members from outside the telecom industry.

Dan’s passion for Pioneering is well known throughout all Pioneer Groups. Dan and his partner Nancy now reside in Loveland, Colorado and enjoy being around their family during summer stays in Glendo, Wyoming.



Our Mission

Pioneers is a network of volunteers who effect immediate, tangible change in local communities, in partnership with their sponsors.

Our Vision

We are the recognized world-class leader in volunteerism. We are respected and valued by our members, our corporations, the global community and our industry. We are committed to the diversity and personal growth of our members, the success of our companies and to improving the quality of life in our communities.

Pioneering Values

Inclusive and Relevant
We embrace members with different backgrounds, skills, and beliefs, because we know fresh ideas and unique viewpoints are necessary to meet the current and future needs of the people we serve.

Trustworthy and Compassionate
Our incredible success to date and our strong future is due entirely to our network of understanding, sensitive volunteers who thrive on responding to the critical needs of their communities.

Transparent and Accountable
As a volunteer and donation-driven organization, we make a promise to all our members and sponsors that we will be open about our business practices while maintaining the highest standards of financial accountability and integrity.

Our History

The Pioneers legacy is long and inspiring. It all began in 1911 with just 734 members (including Alexander Graham Bell). In the beginning, friendship and fellowship were what it was all about. Industry people recalling the facts, traditions, and memories of the early history of the telephone. But those who wrote the original Pioneers purpose were forward thinking in adding that it would also encourage "such other meritorious objects consistent with the foregoing as may be desirable." That became what would make the Pioneers different from other industry groups.

One of those "meritorious objects" translated into community service. Chapters, councils and clubs began their own initiatives, mostly working with childrens groups. By 1958, community service was established as the Pioneers' "New Tradition". Today, the organization is the world's largest group of industry-specific employees and retirees dedicated to community service. Pioneers volunteer more than 15 million hours annually responding to the individual needs of their communities.

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Pioneers Membership Application-Please print then fill out

Centennial Logo

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We have teamed with to offer flowers and gifts at this new site:

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Potential Insurance Savings for Members
Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, is offering free insurance quotes to our members.  Just click on the link above to open the Liberty Mutual web page.  Many of our members have been able to lower their insurance costs by switching to Liberty Mutual.

131-11$ 2000 Morgan Glendennin

131-2 $ 1500 Melissa Canu

136-2 $ 1500 Quinn Carter

137-2 $ 1000 Liliana Bogin

133-2 $ 1000 Matthew Shapiro

132-6 $ 1000 Megan McCormick

135-2 $ 750 Erin Dagenais

133-5 $ 750 Stephen Shaw

135-9 $ 500 Stephen Hanson

134-3 $ 500 Hunter Hart

136-1 $ 500 Lily Hunter

137-9 $ 500 Tiffane King

132-7 $ 500 Daniel Worts

SCH13-Committee Members

SCH13 COMM MEMBERS – 2013                               



               [email protected]

              16 NORTH ROAD,

              KINGSTON, NH 03848



DEE SCANDURRA                                                                      KATHY HENZE

[email protected]                                            

3 RUSTIC LANE                                                                         627 ANDOVER STREET

E. KINGSTON, NH 03827,                                                         LAWRENCE, MA 01843

603-642-5457                                                                          978-686-3140        



                 [email protected]                                              

                 60 VILLAGE DRIVE,

                 BASKING RIDGE, NJ 07920



CH 133 – DON L. SAGE                                                                BOB WHITEMAN             

                 [email protected]                                                   [email protected]

                 1940 LAUDERDALE DRIVE #303                                804-360-0388

                 HENRICO, VA 23238-3996



                 OSCAR COVINGTON                                                        

                 [email protected]

                 10501 Farm Meadows Dr. 

                 Glen Allen, VA 23060

                 (804) 755-4266



CH 134 – FRANK WILLS     

                13494 SUNSET LAKES CIRCLE

                WINTER GARDEN, FL 34787



 CH 135 –CHUCK NIKOLAUS           

                 [email protected]                                                  

                 14450 W. GRANGE AVENUE       

                 NEW BERLIN, WI 53151, 414-425-1748   


CH 136 – CHARLIE AUSTIN                                                       FRANK CORY     


                301 NE HOWARD AVENUE                                         5804 EAST MCMILLIN DRIVE

                LEE’S SUMMIT, MO 64063                                         TUTTLE, OK 73089

                816-524-8875                                                           405-381-7220          



CH 137 –DEB GRADY                                                                   JOE BONAIUTO

                [email protected]                                                   [email protected]

               15240 PASADENA AVENUE                                          13585 ARBOR STREET,

               OMAHA, NE 68144 402-333-2557                             OMAHA, NE 68144 402-333-6101

               402-333-2557                                                              402-333-2557


               HELEN LOYD                                                                 SHERRY LYNN RIDDLE

               h_                                                  [email protected]

               2872 LAUSANNE COURT                                             2872 LAUSANNE COURT

               SAN JOSE, CA 95132-2723                                        SAN JOSE, CA 95132-2723      

               408-251-3234                                                            408-272-1893


               PAUL PEREZ                                                                 PATTY BODWELL CELL 303-748-8653

                                                                (H) 303-690-9740

   9703 VAL VERDE DR.                                                  4812 GENOA STREET

   LA VISTA, NE 68128                                                   CENTENNIAL, CO 80015-3412

  (W) 402-691-3668, CELL – 402-681-3509             (H) 303-690-9740, CELL 303-748-8653    


               DARWIN FAGER        

               , [email protected]

               14042 OHERN ST.

               OMAHA, NE 68137   402-670-4449



SCH13 Application

When printing the Joe Cleres Scholarship application from the New Outlook website, please send to the following address:

New Outlook Pioneers
c/o New Outlook Pioneers Joe Cleres Scholarship Program
Attn: Debi Althoff
1801 California Street, Suite 225
Denver, CO 80202

2013 Student Letter Generic

2013 Guidance Letter Generic






1.           $    2,000           Matthew Shapiro                              133-1

2.            $   1,500           Liliana Bogin                                     137-5

  3.           $   1,500            Erin Dagenais                                   135-11

4.            $   1,000           Stephen Hanson                               135-3

5.            $   1,000           Brian Le                                             137-3

6.            $   1,000           Stanley Laszczky                               137-1

7.            $      750           Mario Carrizo                                     136-2

8.            $      750           Sarah Plank                                       135-6

9.            $      500           Stephanie Lessard                            133-2

10.          $      500           Kyle Maccia                                        132-5

  11.          $      500           Michael Pudlow                                  135-12

12.          $      500           Eugene                                              131-1

13.          $      500           Kyrie Hughes                                     137-6

14.          $      500           Alissa Pendorf                                    132-8

15.          $      500           Luke Pepper                                      131-5

16.          $      500           Megan McComick                               132-7


Total $ 13,500

2013 Scholarship Thank You Note

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